Lane Maker

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Wicked Cornhole presents The Lane Maker. It measures your boards 27 feet apart and your boards will remain lined up and in place.
It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
  1. Lay the Lane Maker down across your cornhole court
  2. Place the front edge of your boards over each end of the Lane Maker
  3. Pull the boards back until the red strapping is tight
When it’s tight it’s right!
Storing the Lane Maker is simple
  1. Remove cornhole boards
  2. Release the center buckle of strapping
  3. Wind each side of the strapping into the notched groove
The Lane Maker consists of two paddles made of 3/4″ thick baltic birch, 17″w x 7″h, strapping and the best part, no slip grips to hold boards in place.

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